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What is a MUST for Local Business Today is the NEED to be Digitally Present and Reachable.
How will this happen?
Make sure your Local Business is Present on Google Search, Local FB area page / FB group, Insta, Twitter and more.. Make sure it is Visible and equally ensure you have Service Value.
Smart Suburbs Offers you all that gives your Biz a Digital Omnipresence Platform and LOCAL Reach at just Rs.3000 / year.

12 Benefits of listing Aundh based local business on Aundh Directory and local Digital Marketing platform (just Rs.3000 / year)

  • High in Google RankingTop position in Directory

  • Micro Website with 4 pages of Biz info, Products & Services, Contact, FAQ n moreā€¦

  • We create your Paid Listing while you focus on Biz

  • Upto 20 pics of your products orservices

  • Google Direction GuidanceButton for easy reach to your Biz address

  • Contact Form for Customers to reach you via email

  • FREE 1 Article / Story / Press Release relating to your Biz

  • FREE 2 Discount Coupons per year (you share us and we load it)

  • FREE 2 Events per year(you share us and we load it

  • 4 Facebook posts / year on our Aundh facebook page, 4 Facebook posts / year on our Aundh facebook Group

  • 4 Tweets / year on our Aundh Twitter handle (eg: twitter.com / wakad_in)

  • 4 Insta posts / year on our Aundh Instagram Account